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The Writer
Helo. name's Adzim, 16 :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Boring Sunday

Hello blog. It's Sunday. We all know what Sunday means right? It means just-another-bored-to-death-at-home day. For me I guess. You know what I did today? Just clearing things up on my blog. It's a mess. well I did cleared some and it looks kinda nice now. Dontcha think? Hahaha anyway, I didn't do much today. but I do aware of chest pain I'm having. Whenever I lay down or breathe deeply, my left chest hurts. I did search on the internet to find some answers, but no luck. I was getting a lil worried though. Actually I get this pain since yesterday. and I'm all better now. I hope its nothing serious though. If its constant, I should probably see the docs. Listening to Cher Lloyd and Kelly Clarkson is dope btw.

Tomorrow is Monday already? Why so soon. and why is Friday is so close to Monday yet Monday is so far away from Friday. It's like mocking me. I don't hate school, I just hate waking up in the morning just to get to school. Hahaha not the mention the homeworks. But it's all for the best.

And I think I want to update more this year. It's my last year so why not? :) 


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