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The Writer
Helo. name's Adzim, 16 :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hello Blog. I just want to say that I want Kinect so bad. Yes Kinect for my Xbox 360. They have the best games. Just Dance 3, Rise of Nightmares and much more. I want it.. badly! Probably won't get this after SPM though, but I can wait. It costs fortune btw. I didn't have that kind much of a money. Gonna borrow my mom lol. Seriously, anyone would wanna buy this kick-ass add-on platform :) Here's are some pics for this awesomeness stuff :) Don't chu just wanna get your hands on this baby. It's pretty awesome if you get the hang of it. I would die to play with my friends though.

Sucker Punch

3/21/11 This is actually an old post. Idk why I re-post this. Sucker Punch will forever will be my favorite movie :)

Hello, its been so long since I last update my blog ! haha :) I dont know wht to write though ! Im out of idea! its like my brain freeze hahahaha ok my first day of school wsnt very good, i almost getting canned by my science teacher, :o hahahaha n the best part is, my group won for the presentation of perdagangan ! we got rm10 ;p so i saved some money today!

I can't wait to go to town this next Saturday! we are going for Sucker Punch :D i=I've been waiting for this movie like forever, i remember watching the trailer like last year :D i ws so excited tht im gonna watch it next Saturday! hahahahaha ! hope the movie doesnt dissapoint :D for u that doesnt know this movie, try youtube it :P ohhhh and if u havent notice, i got a new theme for my blog ! Hahahaha :D lookin' good ! :)

Anyway, im kinda frustrated right now ! :( she totally ignore me! Why?! ergh she stole my heart and now she's torturing me! argh! :( you like seeing me like this? -.- u never talk at me! :O I dont wnt other, i just want u ! why can't u just understand that ?! I wanna talk to u but im afraid u wont bother talking to me . Damn -.- i just...miss you :O ok bye!

Boring Sunday

Hello blog. It's Sunday. We all know what Sunday means right? It means just-another-bored-to-death-at-home day. For me I guess. You know what I did today? Just clearing things up on my blog. It's a mess. well I did cleared some and it looks kinda nice now. Dontcha think? Hahaha anyway, I didn't do much today. but I do aware of chest pain I'm having. Whenever I lay down or breathe deeply, my left chest hurts. I did search on the internet to find some answers, but no luck. I was getting a lil worried though. Actually I get this pain since yesterday. and I'm all better now. I hope its nothing serious though. If its constant, I should probably see the docs. Listening to Cher Lloyd and Kelly Clarkson is dope btw.

Tomorrow is Monday already? Why so soon. and why is Friday is so close to Monday yet Monday is so far away from Friday. It's like mocking me. I don't hate school, I just hate waking up in the morning just to get to school. Hahaha not the mention the homeworks. But it's all for the best.

And I think I want to update more this year. It's my last year so why not? :) 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New template

Hahaha finally after couple of months since I last changed my template layout(?) or idk what the hell we call this thing, a theme? Haaa yeah I changed it. Kinda gay dontcha think? Who cares this is all I can find lol Yummy Ice Cream? Blurgh.andddd I finally knew how to make those sidebars where we can add pictures and stuffs. Yeah I put that too. Kinda lame I know. My blog, my rules. I put pictures of my friends there. But its hard to find a good picture together. Lousy pics everywhere luls. mostly me. I didn't add much. Just a couple of pics. Anyway its 5am at posting. I should probably going to bed now. K selamat malam.

Sasicc and ECM

14/1/2012. Tarikh tu aku pergi ke Karnival Jom Masuk U dkt SASICC. Pagi sebelum pergi tk tidur pun terus mandi siap-siap pergi sekolah. Naik bas lepastu sampai pukul 8 lebih. kot.

Bapak ramai org kt sana. Serious sesak. Aku tk suka sesak sesak ni. Ramai sngt jumpa td. Semua dri ex-skc dlu. Lama da tk jumpe. Muka dh lain dh. Hahahaha ingt nk jumpa budak SMKC. tapi diorg pergi Ahad. Hmm pergi sana tkde ape pun sngt. Ade motivasi menda entah merepek je. Mmg sngt bosan. 

Okay lepas tu, aku terus pergi ECM sbb Aiman call. Tak rancang pun nk keluar sebenarnya. Ingt nk balik. Dngn seluar,kasut dn baju skolahnya. Malu tahu tk. Ceh. Keluar jelah. Teman kawan. Lepastu jalan lah ecm. Ecm pun sama. sesak dngn budak sekolah. Semua berpakat pergi eh?! Hahaha aku pun sama. Harini memenatkan je adelah :| Amy,Nurin,Nabiqia,Shahirah semua main bowling. Aku? Tengok jelah. Duit pun tk bwk. Hahaha lepastu pukul 5 aku balik. Seriously, nothing fun lol.

Actually saja nk update blog ni. Dh berzaman kot tk update. Fuh. 2012 dah :\ Rindu SMKC, rindu kwan2. Rindu Cikgu2. rindu semua lah :(
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