The Writer

The Writer
Helo. name's Adzim, 16 :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting A for science :)

Hey long time no update bloggy ! Did u miss me? Hahahahaha im super excited to get A for science, i didnt expect to get it though, no to be brag :) im so happy :O so the 2 hours study was actually paid off :)HAHAHA okay and thanks to Teac. Dharmila for the kitkat :)) Harini ada ceramah shampoo sunsilk at my school ! hahahaha siot je aku jadi model kt depan org ramai tadi, tau la rmbut aku bersinar ! HAHAHAHA dpat shampoo sbotol ! Anyway i can't wait to get all the papers, exam was hard for me -.- esp Geo and Acc, i am definitely failed those subjects . without a doubt. wakaka ! Fail pon fail lah :P ade aku kesahhhhhhhhhhh ! Hmm okay im out of idea now -.- dont know wht to write ! .__.  Follower tk naik2 ! mase aku tinggalkan aritu, no tu la jgak aku nmpak arini ! :( so sadd !!! okay bye ! :P


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