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The Writer
Helo. name's Adzim, 16 :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sucker Punched !

3/21/11Hello, its been so long since i last update my blog ! haha :) i dont know wht to write though ! Im out of idea! its like my brain freeze hahahaha ok my first day of school wsnt very good, i almost getting canned by my science teacher, :o hahahaha n the best part is, my group won for the presentation of perdagangan ! we got rm10 ;p so i saved some money today!

I can't wait to go to town this next Saturday! we are going for SUCKER PUNCH :D i've been waiting for this movie like forever, i remember watching the trailer like last year :D i ws so excited tht im gonna watch it next Saturday! hahahahaha ! hope the movie doesnt dissapoint :D for u that doesnt know this movie, try youtube it :P ohhhh and if u havent notice, i got a new theme for my blog ! Hahahaha :D lookin' good ! :)

Anyway, im kinda frustrated right now ! :( she totally ignore me! WHY WHY WHY! ergh she stole my heart and now she's torturing me! argh! :( you like seeing me like this? -.- u never talk at me! :O I dont wnt other, i just want u ! why can't u just understand that ?! I wanna talk to u but im afraid u wont bother talking to me . GAHH! -.- i just...miss you :O ok bye!


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