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The Writer
Helo. name's Adzim, 16 :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boredom !

Yeahhh today is nothing but a boring day at school :D teachers were busy preparing for Hari Anugerah for this Saturday and didnt come to class at all ! :'O I was happy and bores at the same time x'D I came school for nothing ! -.- and I can't even sleep. there's a loud Kompang playing underneath my class :O cehh underneath ! anyway Im not going to school tomorrow :O Bcuz i am not a part of the Hari Anugerah so why come? -.- there's no point of cum-ming x'D  and I totally gonna skip school this Saturday :3 Yeah im a skipper !

I got a date with my friends this Saturday ! haha its 12.45am at posting and I dont know what to do ! :)
oh and Im officially divorced with Fara :) hahahahahah ! okay so now Im out of Idea ! :O

I guess thats all ! :) btw heres a pic of Emily Browning which my crush of the week <3 x'D


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